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Joseph Tennant

Joseph Tennant shares his recent release, “For Solace”

Joseph Tennant is a folk musician with a bend toward enthralling imagery-based storytelling. He has crafted a name for himself in western Canada as an intricate storyteller, ardent poet, and complexly delicate guitarist.

Joseph wrestles with the themes of meaning and vocation spiraling about his head with this latest release. It’s a heart-wrenching song about an artist’s struggle who cannot find the energy or time to work on their calling. This is a universal theme for all cursed with the urge to create.

He paints his pictures of bleakness with stripped-back instrumentation and dynamic performance that intentionally evokes raw and imperfect emotions.

“‘For Solace’ is a prayer. It’s a desperate cry for hope in bleakness, a desire for change – the coming of the solstice.”

Listen to “For Solace” below and learn more about Joseph Tennant via our Five Questions With segment.

Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

I’m Joseph Tennant from Calgary, Alberta. I write songs, play guitar, and sometimes act as a producer. My music falls under the folk or singer-songwriter category and is stylized by my love for odd words and off-kilter guitar playing. I’m a storyteller who likes to dance with wit.

Tell us a bit about your most recent release.

“For Solace” is a song about wrestling with meaning and vocation. Simply put, it’s about someone who cannot find the energy or time to work on their calling. I think this is something that most of us can relate to. I’ve been describing it as akin to a prayer (hence the cover art). It’s a desperate cry for hope in bleakness, a desire for change – the coming of the solstice.
I worked with a good friend of mine, Jason Hofer, to get the right emotional atmosphere for the track. We kept it minimal, but I think that serves the song well.

Where do you tend to pull inspiration from when writing?

Usually, it hits me when I least expect it. I’ll be on a walk without a device to record ideas or lying in bed with lyrics spinning about my head. I’ve learned my lesson. I do my best to be ready whenever the muse speaks. That usually means carrying a pen and paper or having a way to capture sound at the ready.

Do you have any upcoming shows you’d like to tell us about?

At the moment, no, as my wife and I are expecting our first kid at the end of March. That said, I’m in the process of booking some summer shows, so keep your eyes out.

What’s your goal for 2023?

I’ve spent the first bit of the year playing many shows and collaborating with peers. I’m heading into a season of slowing down and am hoping to really dig into writing and recording some new material. My goal would be to release something more long-form soon.

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