Cameron Nickerson – Submission (Album Review)

Cameron Nickerson

Photo Credit: Brittany Brooks

Artist: Cameron Nickerson
Album: Submission
Release Date: March 16, 2023
Genre: Country

Halifax, NS-based country singer-songwriter Cameron Nickerson has just unveiled his sophomore album, Submission, his first album in over five years.

“Submission was written in 2016, while I was living in the city again and thinking about the simple life back home,” said Cameron Nickerson (he/him). “I’ve always felt that the music industry is a little too much like a competition, and maybe not as much about the music. The title track is about the feeling of constantly submitting myself as an artist, hoping others like and listen, as well as the struggles that go along with both caring and not caring if they do.”

The eight-song release consists of a great mixture of both upbeat and ballad tracks, putting forth something for everyone.

The title track, “Submission,” consists of a simple and understated melody, focusing on the lyrics and Cameron’s emotion-filled vocals. The lyrics “Like a beat up old truck that needs a transmission / I’m tired of livin’ a life of submission,” he says is forged by the pressures of an unforgiving industry.

Closing out the release on a high note, “Famous” is an upbeat song reminiscent of fellow local country artist Ryan Cook at times. The track could be called a country anthem for its upbeat, catchy melodies and lyrics. The chorus is especially memorable, with its sing-along quality and witty lyrics, “I’m good at watching other people get famous, While I sit home on my porch and drink a beer, I’m good at watching other people get famous, I only write songs my dog likes to hear.”

Overall, the album is the perfect blend of traditional country sounds, modern country, and poignant storytelling.

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