Dylan Gitalis releases new single, “Surrender”

Dylan Gitalis

Dylan Gitalis shares “Surrender” from his upcoming EP, Frost

Dylan Gitalis‘ brand of indie folk music is all about telling raw and honest stories. Stories that stick with you, connect with your heart and give you the feeling of being less alone in a confusing world.

The young Montreal singer-songwriter’s first single of the year, “Surrender,” is about trusting your instincts and intuition and rolling with the punches life and the universe throw at you.

Inspired by “the clash between the comfort of living at home and the call of adventure,” Gitalis’ soothing and calming voice leads the track as a light-minor keyed acoustic guitar backs him up. He also has some fantastic backing vocals from Indiana Pacha.

“With the chorus comes the wisdom from the universe, telling the worried ego to surrender to the flow of life, and to trust,” he says.

The song could be called a modern-day “Father and Son” by Cat Stevens, focusing on the same themes and feeling as the 1970s folk hit.

“Surrender” is the debut single of Dylan Gitalis’ upcoming EP, Frost, out in early March.

Listen to “Surrender” below and stay up to date with Dylan Gitalis via his socials.

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