Zoe Guigueno – We Were Radar Stations (Album Review)

Zoe Guigueno

Artist: Zoe Guigueno
Album: We Were Radar Stations
Release Date: Out Now
Genre: Alternative Folk

BC musician Zoe Guigueno‘s album, We Were Radar Stations, features twelve tracks, including an intro and interlude.

Recorded on the traditional territory of the W̱SÁNEĆ (Mayne Island), British Columbia, over two summers and two winters, the music on We Were Radar Stations springs from the hands and minds of two long-time collaborators and childhood friends. Zoe and JUNO-nominated producer Adam Iredale-Gray are responsible for the majority of sounds on this album–various guitars, piano and keyboards, basses, programmed beats, strings, even recorder, and waterphone–while drummers Kelby MacNayr and Jason Burger play on about half the songs.

Following the Intro entitled “Gotta Tell,” the previous single, “Benefit of the Doubt.” The origin story for this folky jazz-influenced track is an interesting one, beginning with someone else’s words.

“The lyrics of this song came to me as a letter from a penpal–a woman I had met at a music camp,” says Zoe. “Though the content of her initial correspondence had been relatively light, this one was the result of a rapid eye therapy session; a candid outpouring of her life story. I remember my jaw dropping as I read it; needing to process, I put the letter on my piano and sang her words aloud.”

“Light Under The Door” is a dreamy and atmospheric track with ethereal vocals which transport the listener into the song. With delicate vocals, the song takes on a dreamlike quality that is both mesmerizing and enchanting. The lyrics of the chorus, simple yet to the point, “Cause I wanna kiss you, it’s all I think about,” are completely relatable.

Track 8, “Firefighter,” Zoe’s vivid storytelling paints a picture of the life of the firefighter featured on the track. The song’s emotion-filled chorus is particularly memorable, “These are things that most of us never see, These are things that most of us never see, These are things that most of us never see, Every day he’s at the first one at the scene.” The vivid lyrics and haunting melody evoke powerful and emotional feelings through the song.

Choosing two songs from this release was tough, as I enjoyed all of the songs equally as much. Give it a listen. You won’t be disappointed.

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