PREMIERE – Loryn Taggart – The Reunion (Single Review)

Loryn Taggart

Loryn Taggart shares the first single, “The Reunion”

Montreal-based folk-jazz-pop musician, Loryn Taggart, celebrates her birthday and first solo release since 2020 with her brand-new single, “The Reunion.”

The Reunion,” originally written over 15 years ago by Taggart’s older brother Matthew about his struggles with being bullied in high school, has been reworked ever-so-slightly. Inspired by the structure of Feist’s Sea Lion, this stomp and holler/jazz/pop anthemic song is intended to represent the struggle with social anxiety and how it relates to relying on substances to relax.

“Social anxiety is something I really struggle with,” said Loryn. “Big crowds or intimate dates, I’m always overthinking my energy and how I come across to people that I interact with. I know I’m not alone in that and I don’t think the struggles of social anxiety are talked about enough.”

Lyrically, “The Reunion” is about attending a high school reunion after a decade of being away from home and coping with anxiety through self-sabotage or mock confidence. The infamous high school reunion is a metaphor for facing the chaos of life.

“I feel like this song is especially relatable as we’re starting to emerge from 2 years of isolation,” added Loryn.


“The Reunion” is the perfect introduction to Loryn Taggart. The upbeat, jazzed-up pop track combines pop sensibilities with jazzy instrumentation and arrangements. The song’s instrumentation is expertly arranged, making you want to jump up and dance. Each instrument plays off of the others to create a cohesive and dynamic sound, which goes to a completely different level once Loryn’s powerful vocals are added in.

The lyrics and vocal stylings during the chorus are especially memorable, “Cause this Reunion, it was based off a bottle of booze, All I know is you’re not happy, someone out there has got it better than you, Oooh.

Overall, “The Reunion” is a delightful listening experience that leaves you wanting more from Taggart.

Listen to “The Reunion” below and stay up to date with Loryn Taggart via her socials.

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