Double Rider – Times Of The Day (Album Review)

Double Rider 2

Band: Double Rider
EP: Times of the Day
Release Date: February 10, 2023
Genre: Folk / Soft Rock

Siksika Nation, Alberta-based band Double Rider, released their full-length album, Times of the Day, which honours the soft rock style of CCR, The Doobie Brothers, and the band’s late grandfather, Matthew Many Heads.

Six out of the ten songs were actually written by Matthew Many Heads between the years of 1972-1992, and Double Rider has made it their mission to share their versions with the world.

The young three-piece family band, made up of Hannah and Lennon Owlchild and Erin Many Heads, have also improved their own songwriting craft, taking the styles and mentoring from Matthew Many Heads and writing their own songs in the same positive undertone as their grandfather.

“Sunrise” is an upbeat, folk-inspired track with layers of instrumentation and Lennon Owlchild’s melodic vocals. Although traditional, the arrangement on this track brings forth a modern country-rock vibe that mixes well with the solid folk vibe. This is the type of track you just have to clap along with.

“The Ride” begins with a guitar-focused intro, joined by vocals by Hannah Owlchild. This track sits in between country and folk and evokes a somber vibe. The lyrics tell a story that the listener can easily drift into. I thoroughly enjoyed the vocal control, which fuses to the beat effortlessly.

“Cold, Cold Morning” and “Happy Is How I Feel” were released as singles ahead of the album, and you should definitely check them out. Both are stellar tracks.

Overall, Times of the Day has something for everyone. The band pulls from various genres and uses multiple vocalists to mix it up. I honestly had the hardest time choosing two songs because I enjoyed all of them. A runner-up was “Go Man Go,” as the energy behind this track is contagious, and the beat is fun and entertaining.

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