Highwind – final words (EP Review)


Band: Highwind
EP: final words
Release Date: February 21, 2023
Genre: Alt-Rock

Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan-based rock band Highwind has just unveiled their six-song EP, final words. The release follows their previous album, Cellar Door, released in 2016.

The opening track, “weighing you down,” has a strong start with building instrumentation that just won’t quit and melodic vocals. The vocals and music intertwine perfectly throughout the song while still shining on their own.

“at what cost” showcases a heavier side of the band, implementing elements of hard rock and screamo. On this track, the vocals and music evoke a harshness and metal-like quality. The lyrics, “Hang on to that hollow heart, It’s so heavy when it shouldn’t be,” has the ability to transport the listener to a time in their life when they’ve felt this way, and since we all have these moments, this lyric in itself makes this song completely relatable.

“i’m making amends” comes in at track three, ready to party with catchy vocals and memorable guitar riffs. As with previous tracks, “i’m making amends” features an assortment of vocal stylings, from straightforward rock vocals to harsh anger-infused screamo. Highwind does a remarkable job creating music that will likely appeal to fans of various genres.

Up next, we’re treated to “i feel helpless,” which features explosive drums that quickly caught my attention. The lyrics “When I feel helpless you’re patient next to me, But when you feel helpless I feel helpless, I’m not sure what I should say cause, I am lost – I am not – anyone’s rock” speaks volumes. In this day and age, so many of us dealing with mental illness of our own and/or our partners, friends, and family. Oftentimes, we feel helpless, we can’t do anything to help our loved ones, and frustration kicks in. The vocals on this track evoke anger and frustration, which suits the lyrics perfectly.

“in hospice” continues the trend of keeping with the powerful rock vibe and vocals that grow in intensity with each passing moment. I highly recommend this track to anyone in for a rock-infused ride through various emotions.

Closing out the EP, “these are my final word,” is completely different from the rest of the release while tying together the collection of songs. The vocals on this final track are reminiscent of spoken word, infused with a poetic melody, and acoustic instrumentation.

final words is a great introduction to Highwind if it’s the first you’ve heard of them, and if you’ve listened to their previous release, you’ll easily see the growth that the band has achieved in every aspect of their sound.

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