Suburban Bicycle Gang – “In The Cosmos” (Single Review)

Suburban Bicycle Gang

Suburban Bicycle Gang are back with a new single, “In The Cosmos”

Cambridge, Ontario-based band Suburban Bicycle Gang has unveiled their single, “In The Cosmos.”

The band is excited to share this new single with their fans, who have been eagerly anticipating new music from the band since their last release in 2019. “In The Cosmos” promises to be a thrilling addition to their discography and a standout track in the Canadian alternative rock scene.


“In The Cosmos” blends various genres, from alternative to psychedelic rock, mixed with punk rock influences.

The track layers powerful guitar and drums, while evoking a distinct hazy tone that accompanies the vocals and creates an otherworldly listening experience that envelops the listener. Most of the song’s vocals intertwine so perfectly with the music that it’s tough to separate the two, although I’m not sure why you’d want to try.

For a new listener, “In The Cosmos” showcases the band’s unique style and presentation. If you’re one to experiment with new musical styles and genres, Suburban Bicycle Gang may be right up your alley.

Listen to “In The Cosmos” below and stay up to date with Suburban Bicycle Gang via their socials.

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