SOMBRA – “Euphoric Escape” (Single Review)


SOMBRA is the pseudonym of the split Montreal & Tokyo-based producer/songwriter Matthew Cataldo. With influences ranging from 90s alternative grunge and industrial to underground house, techno, and trip-hop, SOMBRA’s music is introspective and claustrophobic yet paradoxically colorful and chameleonic.

On SOMBRA’s newest single, “Euphoric Escape,” he’s collaborating with Tokyo-based female indie J-Pop artist, samayuzame.

Originally inspired by the dreamlike world of Wong Kar-Wai’s “In the Mood for Love,” the song evokes a fantastical, oriental atmosphere.


“Euphoric Escape” by SOMBRA and samayuzame is an ethereal track that takes the listener on a journey through a soundscape that is out of this world.

The vocals are a mixture of soft male and female vocals in English and Japanese. The vocals possess a breathy, somewhat haunting quality that adds to the otherworldly atmosphere.

The synths, drums, and bass layers are skillfully blended, at times inviting in playful and cheery la, la, la’s, all combining to create a well-crafted synth-driven production.

Overall, this collaboration is a must-listen for fans of synth-pop, dream-pop, and beyond, and I’d love to hear more between the two.

Listen to “Euphoric Escape” below and stay up to date with SOMBRA via his socials.

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