David James unveils music video for “Let Her Go”

David James

CCMA award-nominated artist David James shares his new video for “Let Her Go”

On February 22, Winnipeg’s own David James dropped the official music video from his latest single, “Let Her Go” (MDM Recordings Inc./ Universal Music Canada). This track is about the importance of holding on to those you love, and the video offers a unique perspective on just that. James has also channeled a new and evolved sound with “Let Her Go.” It was released late last fall, and he, once again, joined forces to showcase that evolution with award-winning producer Danick Dupelle.

Directed by Ryan Nolan, the video showcases James in a third-party role panning from scenes in a bar with subtle dialogue between the country artist and a couple, to stunning scenic views where he shares his perspective on the relationship. Filming this video in New Mexico and working with his crew felt like a dream from beginning to end, says James.

About the new video, James shares,

“‘Let Her Go’ is so impactful for me. The lyrics are powerful, the story is relatable and visually capturing and displaying those sentiments in the right way was incredibly important to me. When Ryan Nolan (director) decided to drag us to a random ski town in New Mexico to film, I knew it was going to be something special. The visuals he captured are quite simply stunning, and his direction services the song so that it brings it to life in a whole new way. I’ve always thought a well-executed video has the ability to enhance the impact of a song for the listener, bringing to life in their mind the story, lyrics, and meaning in a whole new way, and Ryan has done just that.”

Stream or download “Let Her Go” here.

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