Brittany Kennell – “House And A Dog” (Single Review)

Brittany Kennell

Brittany Kennell unveils her new single, “House And A Dog”

Canadian singer-songwriter Brittany Kennell is no stranger to telling her truth and speaking up about what she believes in. Her debut album, I Ain’t a Saintreleased in September 2021, was all about being honest in relationships and calling out the bad guys in the dating world, even admitting to herself that she ain’t perfect either.

Sticking to her guns, Kennell continues to defy the social norms of marriages and babies that most experience in their thirties with “House And A Dog” — an uplifting song about independence, allowing herself to accomplish her goals and make her dreams come true before settling down. Co-written last year with Nathan Meckel and produced by Canadian producer Danick Dupelle, Kennell aims to keep true to her vintage rock roots while pushing the envelope in commercial country.


Brittany Kennell’s newest single, “House And A Dog,” may be under 3 minutes, but the upbeat, rockin’ track speaks volumes.

Kennell sings about the unlimited questions young women get bombarded with, especially once they reach their 30s. If you’re past 30, you know what questions I’m talking about, “When are you getting married,” “When are you going to have children,” “What’s your plan?” and so forth.

The lyrics throughout the song are relatable, honest, and definitely a fun jam. It’s hard not to smile when she sings, “When I sign the papers to a house that I can call my own, I”ll get a man’s best friend waiting for me at home, I ain’t in a hurry just because I’m 30 to saddle up and settle down, It’s gonna be a house and dog for now.”

“House And A Dog” is a refreshing dose of country rock about being independent and happy on your own!

Listen to “House And A Dog” below and stay up to date with Brittany Kennell via her socials.

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