Sunshine Makers – A Side (EP Review)

sunshine makers

Band: Sunshine Makers
EP: A Side
Release Date: February 10, 2023
Genre: Neo-soul/ Funk

Toronto, ON-based neo-soul funk group Sunshine Makers have unveiled their six-song EP, A Side. Each song on the release features a collaboration, which is exciting and unique.

A Side begins with the tranquil opener, “Fly Away,” featuring Barbagallo and Blunt Chunks. The longest song at the release, coming in at 3:33, “Fly Away,” evokes a sense of calmness through the music and lyrics. From the opening lyrics, I loved the vibe that they brought forth. As I sat back and listened closely, I was transfixed by the lyrics, “Fly away now as the oceans rise above fly away.” 

The previous single, “Got To Be Good,” comes in at track three and features East Coast artist, Aquakultre. Although the shortest song on the release, the lyrics certainly caught my attention. “I wanna see this world collaborate, We can’t just separate, We’re under the same sun, The cards are falling every single day, We can’t just feed this hate,” speaks to everything going on in the world nowadays. All we hear about is negativity everywhere we look. We have to work together and create a better tomorrow.

“Coming Up For Air” also deserves mention; with over 40,000 streams on Spotify, the track features Bardo.

In under twenty minutes, Sunshine Makers takes the listener on a journey, and you won’t want to miss out.

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