Sophianne Girard shares her Live EP, Live at Opus Studios

Sophianne Girard

Sophianne Girard is back with Live at Opus Studios

Following up on last year’s release of “Bright & Cold,” Montreal’s modern jazz songstress, Sophianne Girard, is releasing a live-off-the-floor EP she calls Live at Opus Studios.

Together as a trio, Yanick Anctil on piano and Jean Michel Leblanc on acoustic guitar, Sophianne reinvigorates two of her previously released tracks, “For Some Reason” and “NFO (Not Feeling Okay),” and one new track, “I Feel You.”

The EP feels stripped back, focusing on the pleasing, jazzy guitar chords and Sophianne’s storyteller vocals. The piano provides an exploratory backdrop for improvisation. It all feels like a live set more than an EP.

“These colours speak to me loudly and I can see myself connecting to my emotions/feelings more and more as I’m composing new music and as I’m growing throughout this process as a person,” she says.

“I Feel You” is probably the most energetic of the EP, a song about leaving, displacement, and letting go, themes Sophianne has approached before, but this time, less abstract.

Listen to Live at Opus Studios below and stay up to date with Sophianne Girard via her socials.

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