Jason Kirkness unveils his single “Over My Head”

Jason Kirkness

Jason Kirkness takes on a stylistic new vibe with the unveiling of his single “Over My Head”

Jason Kirkness’s most recent single, “Over My Head,” proves that, together with his awesome pop sensibility and a sound geared up for country radio, he’s Country to the Core. This endlessly playable tune was originally written by Nashville writers Brian Bunn, Kelsey Hart, and Lonnie Lee Fowler, but as he often does, Kirkness expanded on this powerful, melodic, pop country anthem and made it his own. It was produced with Sean Power of Hilson Studios in Nashville, TN.

“Over My Head” is the follow-up to the hugely successful “Anywhere the Night Goes,” which spent 18 weeks on the Top 50 Canadian Billboard chart, featured on the US Billboard New an Active Indicator chart for four weeks, and is currently on Nashville’s Music Row Breakout Artist chart.

The country music scene is much better now that Kirkness is back in the game!

Download or stream “Over My Head” here.

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