Sunshine Makers share their new EP, A Side & Single (Interview)

Sunshine Makers

Photo Credit: Jared Poirer

Sunshine Makers release new EP and Single, both out now

Toronto’s neo-soul funk group, Sunshine Makers, have unveiled their EP, A SIDE, as well as a brand new single, “The Dream.”

Sunshine Makers are a diverse and exciting collective of musicians, singers, and MCs led by singer/songwriter Brent Jackson, including producer Ben Fox, vocalist Caitlin Woelfle-O’Brien (Blunt Chunks), keyboardist Jem Roberts, and saxophonist Dennis Passley (Arkells), as well as a long list of compelling guest artists like Julien Barbagallo (Tame Impala), Odario Williams (Grand Analog), Aquakultre, Chester Hansen (BadBadNotGood), and many more. Sunshine Makers truly exemplify a spirit of open-hearted collaboration and musical community-building that transcends genres, cultures, and borders.

Recorded between 2017-2022, the new music has been a labor of love for singer/songwriter Brent Jackson and Producer Ben Fox. Both getting together when they could – and both living in different cities and working around a global pandemic added to slow down the process. The overall result has been thoroughly seen through from concept to creation. Mixed by Gus van Go (Metric, Sam Roberts Band, The Beaches) and Mastered by Dan Weston (Shad, Kevin Gates, Classified) – A SIDE is a triumph in collaboration.

Watch the video for their single, “The Dream,” below and learn more via our mini-interview.

First off, care to introduce Sunshine Makers to our readers?

Sunshine Makers are an r&b group based between London (ONT) and Toronto. Our music is optimistic. Lyrics focus on love and empathy. Trying to understand how to navigate this world when it seems so hard sometimes. We make music that you can move and groove to. We want to share and connect with listeners.

You have unveiled your EP, A SIDE. What can you tell us about the writing process behind the release?

Most of the material was written in a short amount of time. It was inspired by classic and modern r&b. Marvin Gaye’s “what’s going on“ album was an influence on theme. Especially heard in the opening lines of “got to be good.” Writing about love, life, and positive hopes and wishes for the road ahead. All of these songs started off being written on an acoustic guitar and were later developed in the studio. The songs were meant to capture a vibe of the old and the new.

You also unveiled your single, “The Dream,” along with a video to accompany the release. What was the highlight of the video shoot?

Being able to bring along the songs feature King Cruff. Having his involvement with the video. We worked fairly fast. It was a low-stress shoot. We love how it turned out.

You worked with Gus van Go and Dan Weston on the EP. How was that experience?

Gus van Go has the ability to make anything sound great. We sent him our mixes, and he was able to advance them. He has a knack for sound design. Everything he touches becomes cooler. Dan Weston is simply a great mastering engineer. He’s done a lot of hip-hop records, and I trust his ear for bridging out the best in our sound and Gus’s mixes. Both are world-class.

What’s your favourite thing about being musicians in Toronto?

Easy access to various venues, record shops, and good food is always around the corner. Cafés are on point too!

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