Tissa Rahim shares the new single, “Done, Done, Done” (Interview)

Tissa Rahim

Tissa Rahim Debuts Soulful Acoustic Retelling of Heartbreak In “Done, Done, Done”

Powerful vocals accompanied by heartfelt acoustic expressions are what makes Vancouver’s Tissa Rahim’s newest single, “Done, Done, Done,” such a gem.

Tissa’s emotional dumping about a one-way relationship comes off as an authentic and empowering anthem as a slew of seasoned musicians paints the canvas for a soulful retelling.

Featuring Berlin’s own Dominique Fricot, Tissa and Dominique approach the idea of processing heartbreak and manipulation, bringing each respective artist’s own experiences into the studio as they produced this smashing retro-soul single. Tissa’s vocals on “Done, Done, Done” can be affectionately compared to the love child of Amy Winehouse and Corrine Bailey Rae’s stylizations.

Tissa is known as the Persian Powerhouse, but more appropriately, as the established West Coast musician with a 40-city North American tour under her belt. With a slew of venues under her belt, Tissa has seen stages such as House of Blues in New Orleans, The Gramercy Theater in New York, and Vancouver’s quintessential jazz and soul club, Guilt and Co.

Recently listed as 24 Magazine’s “24 under 24,” Tissa’s collaborators include producers such as 100 Monkey’s Jackson Rathbone. As a solo artist, Tissa has found a unique ability to express herself freely, exploring Tissa’s natural divination in Soul/R&B, infusing it with traditional Persian music – repeating a generations-long family tradition.

Listen to “Done, Done, Done” below and learn more about Tissa Rahim via our mini-interview.

Care to introduce yourself?

I’m Tissa Rahim, the Persian Powerhouse

Tell us about the process of writing “Done Done Done.”

“Done Done Done” was written with Berlin-based singer-songwriter Dominique Fricot over Skype sessions during the pandemic.

What’s it like being a musician in Vancouver?

Vancouver has a wonderful pool of talented musicians of all genres and many initiatives to provide them with networking and performance opportunities.

Who was the first Canadian artist to blow you away?

Joni Mitchell was a really important influence for me and inspired me to explore my vocal and musical range and start pursuing music as a teenager.

You’ve been making music for a while now. What’s one piece of advice you can offer to those starting out?

I’d say to find ways to enjoy the day-to-day process that comes with a music career but also have longer-term goals so that as your career progresses, you have tangible proof of how far you’ve done already.

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