The High Loves release video for “Sure of It”

Toronto, ON-based band, The High Loves have unveiled their brand new summery new single, “Sure Of It”, which is sure to get rid of your winter blues.

The song begins with a shimmering tone over the sound of raindrops, and then two guitar countermelodies fuse to create a gentle, rolling, lo-fi super melody that evokes roller skating on the beach at the golden hour. Add an easy but energetic beat, and you’re in an afternoon where the sun’s putting a halo in your hair and shadows are long and graceful on the boardwalk.

The video for “Sure Of It” reflects this laid-back, sunny vibe, and makes use of slightly grainy ’70s-style film to capture the band playing their instruments on the beach.
ard-won. When the band sat down to write it, they kept making it more and more complex, and then ultimately decided to strip it back down.

“We kept trying to add more to the song, but it was always better without,” keyboardist Jeremy Urgo shares. “Simple is almost always more effective.”

Perhaps that’s because “Sure Of It” deals with deeper, more complicated issues of human trust.

“Trust is a lot of things,” the band expands. “It’s earned in drops and lost in buckets, hard to come by but easy to break; a doorway to sorrow in the wrong hands, and the only real key to the fullness of human experience when reciprocated. ‘Sure Of It’ is a reflection on that feeling, the one you get when you are brave enough to trust someone and reap the reward of genuine connection.”

Check out the video for “Sure of It” below, and stay up to date with the band via their socials.

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