The Flakes release new single, “When I Get It”

Halifax, NS-based rockers The Flakes recently released their debut album,  Elephant In The Room, and the anthemic new single “When I Get It”.

A freight train of sound that builds momentum throughout, “When I Get It” showcases the band’s exceptional musicianship start to finish. While the instrumentation emanates warmth and hope, the lyrical approach is juxtaposed to tell a different type of story; the song speaks to the very human nature around obstructing our own self-growth, and how we sometimes cause emotional strain on our loved ones in the process.

As far as Elephant In The Room goes, the nine-track LP came together after a long and extensive process — including multiple re-recordings of the album. As the band’s technical know-how of producing and mixing music exponentially grew, so too did the refinements on the project; when it came time for the album’s recording after three separate attempts, it was all business.

Meticulous attention to sonic detail is employed across Elephant In The Room to ensure everything is up to the band’s professional quality standard, and the resulting release is a fun and catchy synthesis of genres with broad appeal that captivates guitar aficionados and dancers alike.

Check out “When I Get It” below, and stay up to date with The Flakes via their socials.

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