Mark Brathwaite releases video for “Champion Flow”

Toronto, ON-based hip-hop artist Mark Brathwaite has unveiled an animated lyric video for his new single, “Champion Flow”, and also his newest album, My Season.

The Toronto-based artist’s fourth project, My Season is the culmination of Braithwaite’s professional experience in the industry, coupled with personal experiences along the way. The six-track EP is an up-and-down roller coaster of emotion, traversing layered and rich themes of betrayal, triumph, unrequited love, and the cyclic grind of life deeply embedded into its roots.

Not only that, but the work of Mark Brathwaite also features a stylized fusion of afrobeat, R&B, and good ol’ hip-hop — coupled with the energy needed to deliver such an intricate mixture.

The genre-bending perspective doesn’t end there; uniquely oscillating between English and French languages, he also sprinkles a little bit of pop-style into songs throughout.

Across the board, it’s Brathwaite’s talent behind a production, combined with his aptitude for instrumentation, that creates the one-of-a-kind listening experience for every song My Season delivers —speaking to both his drive and the audience’s reception.

“Every day I push myself to become a better artist and a more thoughtful producer,” he shares. “I am also continually evolving as a mixing and mastering engineer; this is what gives my work its unique sound, and is keeping fans and collaborators wanting more.”

Check out the video for “Champion Flow” below and stay up to date with Mark via his socials.

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