PREMIERE – Breathe Of My Leaves releases lyric video for “Us”

Breathe Of My Leaves is comprised of Vancouver-based Stephano Barberis and Calgary-based Jordan Gant, and they have teamed up with us, at Canadian Beats, to unveil a lyric video for the new single, “Us” from their upcoming album, set to be released this Fall.

The song was initially demoed to be a string-saturated synth ballad but took a political turn when Jordan delivered the vocals and they were about the current state of the world. The topical nature made the song so relevant that it was turned into the first single. The track was reconstructed to become a boisterous and capricious synth-pop track that jumps from mood to mood in a circus of emotions.

With an effortlessly memorable chorus, “Us” is both a danceable affair and a passionately singalong. The song hints to a rather “big-sounding” analogue synth album coming later in the year after a couple more singles.

A new bonus track, “Lifted Into The Glimmer” was also included on the single release.

“Us” was written by Stephano Barberis (music) and Jordan Gant (vocals), produced and mixed by Barberis, and mastered by Colin Janz. The track follows up the singles from the second Breathe Of My Leaves album Chimera which came out in 2018 and spawned the singles “Love You Lately” (which featured Jordan Gant), “Glowing Pacific,” “Dancing With My Hallucinations,” “Haris Alexiou” and “Spacebird” (with remixes featuring Bridget Gray).

Check out the lyric video for “Us” below, and stay up to date with Breath Of My Leaves via their socials.

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