Chris Nine releases video for “ghosts”

Canadian rocker Chris Nine has unveiled a video for his new single, “ghosts.

Taking a bayonet straight to the heart of the perilous emotional expedition that is love, and the raw vulnerability it takes to give it a shot, the Toronto-based singer/songwriter shares.

“I wanted to embody the feelings of love with its heart-pumping feeling, juxtaposed by the heaviness it can leave,” Nine says. “‘ghosts’ captures how that overwhelming lust for another can topple one’s self-control over rationale, and open oneself up to the rollercoaster of emotion — just for the slim chance at happiness.”

Chris Nine’s recently unleashed post-hardcore pop-punk EP, the heavy. Produced, mixed, and mastered by Darren Benner, the video for ‘ghosts’ was directed and edited by Zeebrah Media’s Ryan Brough.

“‘ghosts’ was conceived in the idea of telling a full story, similar to the anime openings that had kept me sane and feeling secure the whole quarantine,” he shares. “Overall, this was the first time I delved into a more compressed tone, and really learned how to excel as a vocalist. Songs became more about melody and tight structure than they ever had before, and attention was paid to performance and emotion over what was ‘correct.’ It allowed me to open my writing to darker conversations, and take risks in my songwriting.

“Simply, the EP was there to support me; it was there to give me strength, and make me feel like I could be in the world once more. the heavy represents relentless energy, and hopefully teaches people to look inside and dig deep; to never give up, and never back down.”

Check out the video for “ghosts” below, and stay up to date with Chris Nine via his socials.

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