Kayla DiVenere releases new single, “PSYCHOPATH”

Montreal, QC-born, Los Angeles-based pop artist, Kayla DiVenere has unveiled her new single, “PSYCHOPATH”.

Kicking off with a dark and heavy bassline that’s somehow both goth and grunge-y all at once, the pace picks up and the Montreal-born / Los Angeles-based dynamo’s song quickly turns into a danceable pop-punk earworm.

“Why do I keep stopping
Before it starts
I jump to the end
Like you already broke my heart”

Soon, the narrator asks herself: “Am I a psycho, psychopath / What’s wrong with me, I’m scared to ask.”

Another simpler explanation, however, soon arrives in the second chorus: “Boys are dumb.”

And we suddenly get the full picture of the teen type of angst that knows no particular generation…

“PSYCHOPATH was born through my experience with dating as a Gen Z teen,” DiVenere shares.  “I always love to be really open and honest about what I go through in my songs, hoping that others will relate to it or at least laugh at how wacky my thoughts are.”

Revealing relationship rifts that all humans navigate, no matter the age, and no matter how evolved or mature the person is,

“PSYCHOPATH’ portrays a romantic self-defense mechanism of ending things before they start, a form of preservation against a broken heart,” DiVenere continues. “The song is intended to show the listener that nothing is wrong with them, that it’s okay, and they are not alone in their fears of not understanding themselves.”

Check out the single below, and stay up to date with Kayla via her socials.

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