ZOOMIES – The Vidos + New album, Right In The Kisser

The Vidos

Vancouver-based pop-rock act The Vidos have unveiled their brand new album Right In The Kisser! via Rock Is Dead Records / 604 Records.

Right In the Kisser! brings to life the groovy, high-energy tracks that have wowed live audiences since the band’s inception back in their high school days. “Boomshackalacka,” the album’s opening track and lead single, sets the tone for an album packed with irresistible earworm hooks and witty lyrics layered with a bit of fuzz that captures the trio’s signature self-described “sludge pop” sound.

“Our anticipation surrounding this album release has perhaps caused more long term health repercussions than any of us faced during the pandemic,” jokes the group’s lead singer Brett Hornall. “From hard-hitting ballads to post-punk segways, there’s a little something for everyone on this record. It’s freeing to release a project that truly represents our evolution as a band, and we hope you dig every second of it!”

Right In The Kisser! was produced by Danny Craig (One Bad Son, Bonds Of Mara, Whale and the Wolf), the co-founder of the new Vancouver-based record label Rock Is Dead Records (the first-ever label to be distributed by 604 Records), and member of chart-topping, million-selling Canadian rock band Default.

“From the first time I heard The Vidos play “Boomshackalacka” live, I knew these guys were brewing up something really special,” says Rock Is Dead Records co-founder Dave Benedict. “That performance had me singing the song on repeat during my long drive home. What an honour it is to be working with this talented bunch!” 

Listen to Right In The Kisser! here.

Watch the ZOOMIES segment below, and stay up to date with The Vidos via their socials.

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