Among The Rest celebrates one year since EP, Morté

Among The Rest

Among the Rest celebrate One Year Anniversary of their Morté EP

Windsor, ON, alternative metal group, Among the Rest is nearing the year anniversary of one of their crowning achievements, the Morté EP. This EP signaled an evolution for Among the Rest, a group that continues to stand on the fringes of various genres of metal; metalcore, Djent, alternative metal, progressive metal, and more.

The EP also received some love from the Twitch metal community.

Morté begins with the hard-hitting opener lead single, “Cold Bones in Shallows Graves // Headstones and Hollow Caves.”

The track is about a person’s physical form within the afterlife, breaching reality in moments of fear, anxiety, poor mental state/health, and how to cope with those challenges. It’s also a perfect example of Among the Rest’s mutating musical style, filled with ultra-quick riffs, disgusting breakdowns, brutal lyrics, and warpath drum fills.

Another single, “My Only Light,” the closing track for Morté, is more about the pitfalls and emotional struggles one can face in life until finding the one aspect that keeps you going. Similar to “Cold Bones…” this track is meant for mayhem with an atonal off-beat guitar riff that will send your head buzzing.

Among the Rest is currently working on new material to follow up Morté sometime next year.

Listen to Morté below and stay up to date with Among the Rest via their socials.

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