Bulldozer in Toronto, ON – IN PHOTOS

Bulldozer 1

All Photo Credit: Marcus Arar

Bulldozer, Deceased…, Ares Kingdom & Demiser
November 15, 2022
Lee’s Palace, Toronto, ON
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Italian Proto-Thrash legends Bulldozer has finally made their way to Canada. After being a band for 40 years, they gave classic metal fans a taste of something truly old-school. On Tuesday, November 15th, they graced Toronto to rock Lee’s Palace. Touring with the likes of 90’s thrash legends Deceased…, Ares Kingdom, and newcomers Demiser, this tour will satisfy those craving something OG, raw, and gritty.


Bulldozer 5

Bulldozer 6

Bulldozer 7

Bulldozer 8


Bulldozer 9

Bulldozer 10

Bulldozer 11

Ares Kingdom

Bulldozer 12

Bulldozer 13

Bulldozer 14

Bulldozer 15



Bulldozer 2

Bulldozer 3

Bulldozer 4

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