Soft Set – Still Life (Album Review)

Soft Set

Band: Soft Set
Album: Still Life
Release Date: September 16, 2022
Genre: Shoegaze/ Indie-Rock

Toronto shoegaze/indie rock duo Soft Set have unveiled their album, Still Life.

The duo started the roll-out of music from Still Life back in January with the release of the lead single “More More More,” followed by 2nd single Diamondin June.

“Like our debut EP, Still Life provides the listener with stories of youth and nostalgia and that longing to be loved,” says Soft Set’s Nathan Athay. “We feel that our music caters to all audiences and we hope everyone enjoys the songs as much as we had fun making them!”

The eight-song release features the previous singles, “More More More” and “Diamond,” which both received glowing press coverage and many Spotify playlist adds.

The two tracks that stood out to me on the release were “Your Eyes” and “Breathe.”

“Your Eyes” starts with a bright steady beat, followed by soothing vocals. The track pulls the listener in with a chill vibe, and lyrics such as “Dance with me now, Split the moves, If you don’t know how, Feels we can’t ignore, Lost in mine as I’m lost in yours,” evoke a feeling of desire. Add in the chorus, “I’m down, Give me all the light in your eyes, I’ve seen, Give all the light in your eyes, I’m down,” and you have a song that pulls at the heartstrings.

The final track, “Breathe,” begins with a melancholic beat, but don’t let that fool you. The lyrics on this track are both passionate and poetic. Throughout the song, lyrics repeat, but add in a new line, describing the setting, from “Walk you to your car,” to “Driving in your car.” For me, the song speaks of moments of a new relationship, when you feel that each moment needs to be noted. The lyrics “I hold your hand, Looking at the stars, I understand,” made me smile, as there’s nothing better than this.

Still Life is a brilliant collection of songs, which come together perfectly as a whole. That being said, each track has the ability to stand alone, as well. So sit back, relax and give Still Life a listen.

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