Cam Blake – Finding My Way Home (EP Review: Song by Song)

cam blake

Artist: Cam Blake
EP: Finding My Way Home
Release Date: September 15, 2022
Genre: Rock

Vancouver, BC-based artist Cam Blake unveiled his latest five-track EP, Finding My Way Home, via Adagio Music/The Orchard last week.

The EP starts with the previously released single, “Home,” which has amassed over 24,000 plays on Spotify. As the longest track on the release, you get a deep look into Cam’s music. The song has a bright yet eerie-sounding beat, which, paired with Cam’s vocals and various effects, creates a very expressive and fascinating track.

Next up, “I’m Not Ready to be Myself” begins with a slow and steady beat, and in the background, it seems as though I hear children playing and laughing. As the lyrics begin, the beat becomes more involved, including lead guitar by Ethan Rebelkin and violin by Julia Moniz-Lecce. The song is a bit busy at times, but it works! Throughout the duration of the track, Cam continuously states, “I’m not ready to be myself,” which is a sentiment that many of us can relate to, at one time or another.

“Clarity (Interlude)” is just that. It comes in at 1 minute and 25 seconds and is purely instrumental until you reach the very end of the track. At that time, the beat changes, and you hear the words, “Hey, It’s Gonna Be Okay,” giving off a hopeful tone.

“Hoping Everything Won’t Last Too Long” has an epic intro full of energetic vibes. Once the lyrics begin, at the 37-second mark, Cam’s vocals evoke intensity and a need to get the point across. Throughout the song, there are various effects that add to the impact. This track caught my attention and had me coming back for more. Once again, the busyness just fits. Keep it up, Cam.

The EP ends with his other recent single, “Before It Was Time To Let Go.” From the beginning, this track is different from the rest, with an addictive bopping beat that pulls you in. This track blends his rock sound with a pop vibe. The finished product is an offering that will appeal to the masses and is just that sort of song that worms its way into your brain.

With a release of five tracks, sometimes it’s just not enough to get a clear vision of what the artist is offering, but this is not the case. Cam shows various sides of his music and how he can bend genres to fit within the listener’s tastes. What more could you ask for?

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