Ian James Bain – “Road Song” (Single Review)

Ian James Bain

Ian James Bain shares his new single, “Road Song”

Guelph, ON-based guitarist and songwriter Ian James Bain returns to the scene with new music and a new sound in his latest single, “Road Song.”

Bain’s songs showcase his extensive ability and experience as a player, embracing the freedom and experimentalism of the psychedelic era while remaining firmly rooted in country music.


“Road Song” starts with a traditional country sound, followed by Ian’s heartfelt vocals reminiscent of country greats of the past.

The lyrics “Singing along to another old song, Singing with Willie and Merle, They know what it’s like to ride dark roads at night, And sing about missing a girl,” transport you to a back country road, music playing, while you let out your heartaches.

I feel as though this track will speak to the masses, in one way or another, through its feeling of nostalgia or through the storytelling, which Ian does so well.

So, give it a listen, and let yourself be transported into the music.

Listen to “Road Song” below, and stay up to date with Ian James Bain via his socials.

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