Zach’s Picks of the Week – September 19, 2022 to September 24, 2022

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Good music Monday, everyone. Welcome to our weekly segment, Zach’s Picks Of The Week! I have traveled far and wide to bring you only the best recommendations this week. All of them, of course, are from our website (Canadian Beats Media). Are you ready for the top five that I’ve hand-picked myself? Sorry, you have no choice now. You’ve read up until this point. There’s no going back now. I encourage you to visit the links for each article. Let’s get into the brand-new music here on Zach’s Picks Of The Week.


Beginning this week’s list of new music, we’re heading to Hamilton to meet indie-rock band, Tripper and the Wild Things. They recently unveiled their new single, “Get Burnt,” which is now available on all streaming platforms. The new single is all about coming to terms with the impermanence of our lives and reckoning with the complex emotions it brings. Check out more about Tripper and the Wild Things in our new Five Questions With segment here


Next up in Zach’s Picks Of The Week will be the talented Toronto-based songwriter Skye Wallace. She has revealed details for her upcoming new album, Terribly Good, which is being released on October 28th via Six Shooter Records. Her latest single off this album is “Tooth and Nail.” It features a new video with its release, directed by Nicholas Marinelli, and showcases Wallace’s steely determination to succeed. She will be touring Canada this fall in support of the new album. Check out our article and the full list of tour dates here


Moving on to our next recommendation. Introducing the incredible duo from Vancouver here with their first EP in some time, it’s Twin River. The record, titled When We Think About Time, discusses the importance of finding control and putting yourself back together again. Singer-songwriter and guitarist Courtney Ewan writes about the importance of personal boundaries and how relationships evolve. Their latest single off this EP, “Walking,” was accompanied by a live performance video of the track. That’s out on their YouTube channel, but check out the rest of the EP here


Next, we have Calgary-based singer-songwriter Ollee Owens. She released her debut album, Cannot Be Unheard, on September 16th to all streaming platforms. We got early access to the album on Canadian Beats the day before its release. The album explores life birthed from Owen’s personal yet universal experiences, both good and bad, and the lessons learned along the way. Check out the new article where we talked about the new album with Ollee Owens here


Time to move into our final pick of this week, the artist known as Big Lou. He is from the small country of St. Maarten, close to the Caribbean islands but moved at an early age to Canada. However, Big Lou brings his new anthem to your ears in the form of “Tayrona.” This exciting new single reminds us that we are in control of this supposed destiny in our lives ahead of fate. There is power in the comforts that those closest to us can provide when your days go up and down. While it may not always be easy to ask for help, it is often the bravest outcome. You’re a warrior in your own life, trying to fight the daily battle. I hope you find Big Lou’s newest single to be your light this week. Check it out here

I hope you enjoyed my picks of the week. We have many more articles just waiting for you on our website. I never said you would like everything I brought to the table. That’s why we have freedom. Also, it shows the authors you care. But that’s going to be all from me today. Please remember to refer two friends to join us next Music Monday! You know I’ll be here with all kinds of new music for you to take in. But this has been your host, Zach Coopz. Peace, Love, and Good Music, Everyone!

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