Silvertone Hills – “Stubborn Lovers” (Single Review)

Silvertone Hills

Silvertone Hills recently unveiled their single, “Stubborn Lovers”

Hamilton, ON-based indie-rockers Silvertone Hills are back with their single, “Stubborn Lovers.” The single is their first release since 2020’s “Reaction” and “Upside Down.”

SilvertoneHills will take “Stubborn Lovers” across Canada’s biggest music cities this Fall, hitting venues from London through Montreal, including Toronto’s infamous Horseshoe Tavern, which has played host to heavy-hitters like the Rolling Stones and the Ramones.


“Stubborn Lovers” comes in at just over the three-minute mark and features a beat that refuses to let you stay still. You’ll be up on your feet and dancing around the room in no time.

The lyrics, “I try and I try but I can’t get through, Guess you kept running since you already knew, There’s nothing to win, Everything to lose,” will likely relate to many listeners who have been through the whole “love gone wrong” situation. The anthemic vibe throughout the song adds a lot to the track, with the chorus repeating, “Stubborn, she won’t look back, Lovers, hung on the past,” will leave you no option but sing along.

Being the first track from Silvertone Hills since 2020, I decided to listen to the earlier tracks, and although they were also impressive, I can hear that the band has taken their music to another level. I found the quality and musicianship on “Stubborn Lovers” has reached a new stage, where I can honestly picture crowds belting out these lyrics at shows, dancing around their house, or bopping in the car.

If this track is any indication of what’s to come on the band’s upcoming debut LP, to be revealed in 2023, I’m ready and not-so-patiently waiting!

Watch the video for “Stubborn Lovers” below, and stay up to date with Silvertone Hills via their socials.

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