Aaron Wylder shares his single, “Mom and Dad”

Aaron Wylder

Aaron Wylder recently shared his latest single, “Mom and Dad”

Victoria, BC-based singer-songwriter Aaron Wylder recently released “Mom and Dad,” a light indie folk ode that serves as a reminder of what to be thankful for.

It’s easy to look at the glass half empty,” he says. “It’s easy to think you’re not good enough. This song is about rooting myself in the love I have and using that energy to push me further to achieve all I can.”

Aaron’s childhood was carefree and without worry. He grew up in the Cayman Islands, adventuring around the unique landscapes of the islands; swamps, marshes, mangroves, and fishing in his kayak.

Everything was good until 2004, when Hurricane Ivan completely decimated his family’s way of life. The family home was destroyed, and much of the landscape changed for the worse.

After overcoming adversity, in the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan, Aaron and his family continued in the Cayman Islands until eventually immigrating to Canada in 2011. Aaron had always played music but really found his voice during the pandemic.

“Maybe it was life slowing down, but [the pandemic] gave me the direction and time to truly reflect and write from the heart,” he says.

“Mom and Dad” also has a companion music video, giving a snapshot into Aaron’s life on the island.

The single comes off of Aaron’s debut album, The Way You See Me.

Watch the video for “Mom and Dad” below.

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