Bree Whitworth unveils her new single, “Ocean Highway”

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Bree Whitworth unveils a retro jam, “Ocean Highway”

Building off her newfound love of the ’80s synth-pop wave sound, BC’s Bree Whitworth is back with “Ocean Highway,” a retro-ambient electro jam that follows two lovers as they drive along an ocean highway.

Using a driving, oscillating and catchy synth loop paired with Bree’s powerful vocals, the track is deceptive, as you think both characters are innocently driving through a wave of nostalgia.

“…before progressing to a penultimate turning point where the listeners find out they are not just innocent lovers but are actually on the run from the law,” Bree says. “The song ends in their untimely demise where, quite literally, the ‘ocean meets the road’.”

The instrumentation, with layered vocals and synth work that could be found on one of the ambient synth wave greats like Tangerine Dream, echoes and mimics the sound of the ocean, putting the listener in a beach-like trance.

“It’s a hopeful song in many ways with an ending that is both chilling and beautiful as the lovers made their choice to have that beautiful memory of driving on that ocean highway together as their last.”

Listen to “Ocean Highway” below, and stay up to date with Bree Whitworth via her socials.

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