Yan Simon releases new single, “Living In The Night”


Yan Simon is “Living In The Night” on his new single

Toronto-based independent pop artist and singer-songwriter Yan Simon defines his genre as Pop music for the Theatre Kids.

Just six months after releasing his single “Hey Boy” – a youthful love song dedicated to his boyfriend – Yan Simon is making his return with the pop banger “Living in the Night.” Electrifying and celebratory, “Living in the Night” shines a light on identity and mental health – topics that Yan often explores in his songs such as “Clear Lines” and “Marathon.”

“I wrote “Living in the Night” in a moment of true loneliness. I sat by my piano on a Friday night and reflected on how I often feel like an actor on stage who’s trying to hide what’s really going on behind the curtain. Writing this song was like pulling that curtain away.”

Standing in stark contrast to Yan’s first studio album, Are There Any Rules?, which leaned more acoustic pop-rock, “Living in the Night” embraces electronic music. With its upbeat tempo of 140bpm and 80’s-inspired cosmic synths, this clubby single will make you want to get up and dance. The energetic production is juxtaposed with heartfelt, vulnerable lyrics, which are a staple in Yan’s songwriting. The result is an exhilarating song that sounds jarring and familiar all at once.

“Since I was 14, I’ve looked up to and was inspired by artists like Lady Gaga and David Bowie, who masterfully conveyed their messages using the art of the avant-garde,” – Yan Simon says about the cover art for the single, which he produced with his partner. “This record and the cover are inspired by the contrast of superficial vs. buried, the shell vs. the pearl, the “I’m aware of vs. ‘the man upstairs’.””

Listen to “Living In The Night” below, and stay up to date with Yan Simon via his socials.

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