South Coast Jazz Festival to take place September 16-18, 2022

South Coast

South Coast Jazz Festival Is Set Sept 16-18 with Jully Black, Laila Biali, Pat Collins Trio, and More

South Coast Jazz Festival returns to LIVE for the 9th annual event, taking place from September 16-18, 2022.

Created to celebrate and sustain live music and the arts, South Coast Jazz also endeavors to enrich and preserve culture, offer a diverse and inclusive platform for artists to thrive, and create both jobs and much-needed tourist experiences within its home base of Norfolk County, Ontario.

Now heading into its ninth annual event, the South Coast Jazz Festival is exponentially increasing accessibility and diversity with the addition of SCJ Certified ASL Deaf Musical Interpreter Gaitre Persaud, who visualizes the sound of rhythm, harmony, and melody for both the festival and forthcoming live shows, streams, podcasts, and more.

“Our goal with South Coast Jazz is to delight audiences with the very best the scene has to offer,” founding director Juliann Kuchocki shares.

Friday, September 16 @ 3 pm

A party for everyone with their local stage, visual artists, and vendors of local and international food and drink

Saturday, September 17 @ 3 pm -12 am

Music from Jully Black, Laila Biali, Pat Collins, Ori Dagan, and more!

Sunday September 18 @ 2 pm


WORLDWIDE PREMIERE SPECIAL EDITION FOR TV VOD VIP PARTY Mingle with Dini Petty, artists and join us in a toast to celebrate the first festival to go from a Live event to an internationally acclaimed BIG SCREEN quality show coming soon on STINGRAY DJAZZ Featuring: CHARU SURI, HEATHER BAMBRICK, JOHN FINLEY, LOU POMONTI, GENE DINOVI, and DAVE YOUNG, ALEEF MEHDI and BEN DUFF, QUEEN PEPPER and more! Limited capacity for this premiere.

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