Angelica Appelman shares new single, “U Turn” (Interview)

Angelica Appelman

Angelica Appelman makes a “U-Turn” on her new single

Kitchener-Waterloo, ON-based singer-songwriter Angelica Appelman has recently unveiled her new single, “U-Turn,” which follows her previous releases, “Guilt Trip” and “Happy Place.” The singles serve as an introduction to her upcoming EP, A Reason or A Season, which is set for release later this year.

“U-Turn,” which was written with fellow Ontario-based songwriter, David Madras, illustrates a breath of fresh air that comes with finding the right person and learning what it’s like to be in a relationship that’s good for you. Sometimes it takes finding that one person to change your mind about love and has you make a “U-Turn” on the road to happiness.

Listen to “U-Turn” below, and learn more about Angelica Appelman via our mini-interview.

First off, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Hey there, my name is Angelica Appelman, and I am a country artist and singer-songwriter from Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario. I have been singing since I could talk and writing songs since I was 13! I’ve been co-writing a bunch with fellow singer-songwriters for the last two years and have spent this year releasing singles, playing shows anywhere and everywhere, and preparing for my debut EP release.

This summer, I had the opportunity to play some exciting festivals and shows, including Suzi Kory’s Love Revolution Festival, Nicole Rayy’s Harmonia All Woman Festival, Summer Jam Festival with Soundcheck Entertainment, and playing Canada’s Largest Burlington RibFest.

I’m so thrilled to head West for the CCMA’s in Calgary to play a writer’s round with All Woman Music x The Blue Jay Sessions and meet a bunch of my fellow co-writers out west for the first time, and catch all of the amazing talent that the Canadian Country Scene has to offer. I am also really looking forward to chatting with radio and media platforms about my new single, U-Turn, at the CCMA’s media row and cheering on my other Taylor Entertainment pals (especially Mallory Johnson).

You have unveiled your new single, “U-Turn.” What can you tell us about the writing process behind the track with David Madras?

David and I wrote U-Turn last fall, and it was after a summer I spent with someone who treated me so well and had really transformed my mindset on romantic relationships. I had said to David that I wanted to write a positive song about being single/ being in the dating scene because I think it is a time where you can really grow by being open to new experiences and new people.

I love the story we are telling with this song because it feels like such a relatable topic that we hear so often about the current dating landscape. I hear so many stories, including my own, about people feeling hopeless in love, and I think this song is a great uplifting message to keep hope because it just takes that one person to change your perspective. I also love all the wordplay we use. It feels very me, both lyrically and melodically!

“U-Turn” is the third single from your upcoming EP, A Reason or a Season. What can you tell us about the EP?

I have put my whole heart, soul, and journey so far on this EP and served it to my listeners on a silver platter. It is the story of my 20’s (and most people’s 20’s, I’d like to think) and what I have learned in each relationship I have had thus far, whether that be romantic, a friendship, my relationship with myself, etc.

This EP reveals different parts of who I am with each song. With each song, you get to peel back another layer of who I am as a person, artist, and songwriter. This EP takes you through the different seasons, so many of us go through the road to self-discovery.

It is my hope that my listeners will see themselves in the stories and have them resonate as I believe the topics and themes are quite universal on that journey to self-discovery in all of our lives. Just as the seasons change, so do we. We are not always just one thing. The EP was inspired by the quote, “People stay in your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.”

What is your favourite thing about the music scene in Ontario?

My favourite thing about the Ontario music scene is how much of a family we all are and how much support we receive from the Ontario music community and fanbase. People like Dave Woods have really opened up a lot of doors for Ontario artists and songwriters to connect in his writer’s rounds at the Moonshine Cafe. We become connected with great people and form beautiful friendships where these people become our friends, mentors, colleagues, and biggest fans. Because there are so many of us doing it, I love going to support my friends at their live shows when I can, and I am so grateful when they come out to support me too. So many of us are all trying to achieve the same dream, and so many of us do our best to help each other get there together. I am also so grateful for all the regulars who have come to all of my shows all across Ontario and who give us a platform to share our music.

You played Harmoniafest earlier this month and are set to play the All Woman Music Blue Jay Sessions at CCMA Country Music Week in Calgary on September 8. Do you have any other shows you’d like to tell us about?

One show I have coming up that I am beyond excited about is the 100.1 The Ranch 2nd Birthday Bash in Listowel, Ontario, on September 24th. I was selected as a top three finalist for the Battle of the Bands competition with my song “U-Turn,” and I was the first runner-up by the number of votes. I was therefore asked to play a one-hour set for 100.1 The Ranch 2nd Birthday Bash, and I am so honored to be chosen and given this opportunity! I am also looking forward to Dave Woods’ Country Nights in the City round in Hamilton on September 17th and to playing at frosh week for the University of Waterloo students this fall. Come on out if you are in the area!

Thank you so much, Canadian Beats, for the feature and great questions! I always appreciate your support!

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