Katasha J – A Cup Of Serenade (Album Review)

Katasha J

Artist: Katasha J
Album: A Cup Of Serenade
Release Date: August 27, 2022
Genre: R&B/ Soul

Toronto, ON-based singer-songwriter and pianist Katasha J unveiled her album, A Cup of Serenade, on August 27, 2022.

Katasha J shares that the album, which was recorded in Toronto at Rare Heir recording studio, tells a story. It all starts with heartbreak and losing trust and ends with finding love.

The eight-song release begins with “Coming Back,” a track reminiscent of 90s icon Brandy. As the song started, I immediately thought back to the song “The Boy Is Mine,” which was released back in 1998. That being said, Katasha J’s sound also possesses a modern sound, which has been compared to Ariana Grande. Throughout the song, my feet were tapping, and I found myself lost in the music.

“U Know Me” had me hooked from the first verse. Katasha has immense talent, and it shows perfectly on this track. In just two minutes, you feel like you have taken a musical journey, with multiple musical and lyrical styles throughout.

Songs on the album range from under a minute in length to over three minutes, but no matter the length, they are overflowing with soul. A prime example of this is “If It Goes Well,” which comes in at 56 seconds. From beginning to end, the energy is high, and the vocals are outstanding. Katasha J’s vocal stylings are brimming with joy and soul, which relays to the listener. This track instantly had me smiling and bobbing my head to the music.

Overall, Katasha J has put forth a fantastic collection of tracks, which not only shows off her musical training, but also her knack for blending genres to create something classic yet modern that will appeal to listeners of many styles.

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