Mike Legere – “Kindness Heroic” (Single Review)

Mike Legere

Mike Legere releases a heartfelt tribute with his new single “Kindness Heroic”

Nova Scotia-born, Toronto-based folk-rock artist Mike Legere has released a shimmering and poignant new single, “Kindness Heroic.” The track is an exquisite reflection on the heartache that envelops you when you lose someone and serves as a stunning, heartfelt tribute to one of the most important people in his life. The song celebrates finding beauty in the ebb and flow of memories.

When asked about his inspiration to write the song, Legere says

“I wrote “Kindness Heroic” in the months surrounding the death of one of the most important people in my life. We called Silvia May Ring our babysitter, but she became family, and we stayed close throughout the years until her death. The song is about the impact she had on my life, the absence she left behind, and the lifelong struggle of grasping with mortality in pieces, both in bigger dramatic moments, and in the quiet of a long goodbye.”

Fragments of grief, celebration, and remembrance come in waves – sometimes when you least expect them. The intermingling expressions of our past interlace with prisms of our present. The pathways you walked together transform into a solitary retracing of steps to honour and remember.

As Legere explains, the accompanying video retraces those pathways to healing.

“Mrs. Ring spent a lot of her time walking around Dartmouth –she truly loved it – and she would strike up conversations with strangers on the street as she walked. She would walk from her place early every morning to our house and then walk us to school and come get us at lunch and bring us home (largely so I could avoid being at school for the lunch hour as I had trouble making friends early on). When she died, we didn’t have any information about where her ashes ended up, and there was no service to honor her (at her request), so my siblings, my Dad, and I followed her footsteps along those old roads she loved. We sang the songs she loved, and we told stories about her. This video traces those paths to honour all the effort and care she put into enriching our lives for so long and taking care of us.”

“Kindness Heroic” is the second single to be released from Legere’s aptly titled forthcoming album Memory Forming Clouds which will follow in Fall 2022.


Beginning with a low, sorrowful beat, “Kindness Heroic” evokes such strong emotion.

The song builds with a heavier sound and lyrics reminiscent of times gone by with a loved one that has passed on.

Lyrics such as, “With kindness, heroic, Carrying the last half a century, You shone a light past what I was too young to see,” and “You cherished those warm days, They brought you back into the comfort of youthful beauty,” any listener could easily reflect on their own losses.

A truly sentimental offering that touches the heart and soul.

Watch the video for “Kindness Heroic” below, and stay up to date with Mike Legere via his socials.

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