Zach’s Picks of the Week – August 29, 2022 to September 3, 2022

Week 1

Zach is back with his picks of the week from Canadian Beats

Who’s looking for some brand new music to listen to in your day? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to Zach’s Picks Of The Week! Where I will deliver to you my favourite songs and artists from Canadian Beats this week. There’s more to see on our website, but I appreciate you taking this time to see what I picked.

Below is the video where I will showcase this week’s picks of the week. Just a short clip from each, and then you can visit all their articles posted on our website. But now, let’s get into the amazing music coming your way right here and now!


Starting this list of new music this week, we’re introducing singer-songwriter, Madison Galloway. She has established herself as a road warrior, performing at many acclaimed festivals across Ontario, and was one of three winners from this year’s CBC Toyota Searchlight Fan Choice. Now she is sharing her latest single, “Open Your Eyes.” It’s a 70s-inspired rock song that reflects on the issues in the world today and calls on the community and society to change. We recently had Madison Galloway in one of our Five Questions With segments. So if you’d like to check that interview out, go here


Moving on to my next choice for Zach’s Picks Of The Week. He was born in South Africa but currently resides in Toronto. It’s Francois Klark. His latest album, Adventure Book, is on all streaming platforms. This album was written and produced while Francois traveled the world. It tells the story of a man who feels overwhelming love and couldn’t be happier to share it with all. This album is overall a fountain of positivity, whimsy, and sincerity. Feel free to head over to the album review for Adventure Book, conducted by our author Migs Lava, here


Jumping into the top three choices for this week, We’ll it’s a simple, universal fact that we are nothing without our health. The desire and drive to feel alive is the core of this powerful and purposeful new single by Canadian blues-rock band Blaze Project. Their latest single, “Still Fine,” underlines the determination, fight, and forward-thinking of a person ready to tackle whatever comes your way. This is one of several tracks from their second full-length release, Enjoy This Moment. The album embraces the positive aspects of life, even through the lens of hardship. Be sure to go check out the new music video for “Still Fine” here


Next, we will be introducing rising Canadian singer-songwriter Maddisun. She has unveiled her sophomore album, Home Is Where The Music Is, and it’s available everywhere now. This ten-track record was written entirely by Maddisun and produced by Los Angeles-based Nick Noto and Chloe Chaidez. This album stays true to Maddisun’s organic singer-songwriter roots, adding touches of Americana, indie pop, classic, vintage, and country rock to match her musical influences and artistic range. This album review, written by our editor, Jenna Melanson, is worth checking out. Read it here


Now for my final pick of the week, we’re taking it to the west coast of Canada. Vancouver-based rock band Brass Camel is at number one with their latest single, “King for a Day.” It’s available on all streaming platforms and will be their second single to come off their debut album, coming out on September 9th, so be sure to keep your eyes out for that. While Brass Camel’s debut single, “Easy,” channeled their singular combination of funk, blues, and ’70s prog rock. The song “King for a Day” is reminiscent of the operatic Queen. Check out this incredible new band on the scene in the recent article here

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