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The Sweet Kill has recently announced the release of their debut LP Darkness with their newest video single by the same name. The Sweet Kill is a one-man post-punk project which focuses on the more dark and gothic side of the genre.

Perpetually recording and producing at his own The Audio Studio in Los Angeles, Canadian artist Pete Mills wrote The Sweet Kill’s sonic cinematic debut Darkness with the intent to inspire those lost in the shadows of life. Driven by cold synths, atmospheric guitar, and melodic bass, multi-instrumentalist and velvety crooning baritone Mills conducts a darkwave masterpiece of romantic sorrow echoing the laments of The Cure and Joy Division.

The video for the single “Darkness” was shot and produced in Los Angeles by director James Mitchell. The video features Mills in a straitjacket, tormented by an inescapable, faceless antagonist draped in S&M gear. While Mills is tortured and teased by his nemesis in erotic black vinyl, he comes face to face with a real-life panther which eventually becomes one with his inner being.

Reflecting on the meaning of the single “Darkness,” Mills states,

“The spark between dark and gothic attraction can lead to a charged demise. Perpetually intertwined with murky chemistry and twilight solemnity, Darkness polarizes this extravagance.”

Starring Murphy The Panther, the video for “Darkness” also features actors/dancers Andrea Feyler, Paradise Brittain, Luliia Lozovaia, and of course, Pete Mills as himself.

Watch the video for “Darkness” below, and learn more about The Sweet Kill via our Five Questions With segment.

Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Pete Mills, the diviner of millenarian angst and founder of The Sweet Kill. I began my musical journey in Vancouver, British Columbia, but now I’m based in Los Angeles, California. I compose, produce, and perform multi-instruments out of my studio Shadow Zone Sound. My musical life purpose began at the age of six, influenced by the theatrics of Kiss and the aggressive electronic sound of Nine Inch Nails.

Tell us a bit about your most recent release.

My latest album, Darkness, was born from the lockdown introspections and monumental contemplation. Musing about the state of the world, then combining it with my ideal gothic fantasies, I wrote this album as a soundtrack to this concept. The cinematic architecture is quite specific with the intention to paint a picture of how cold love lorn can be while the stoic, masculine demeanor is seduced by the power of the divine feminine.

Where do you tend to pull inspiration from when writing?

Old school horror films ranging from the black and white era to now, Russian literature, and massive amounts of philosophy. My own life has had its ups and downs, and the evidence is clear that I am a momentous juggernaut that keeps going no matter what. I’m down for the ride if I get to keep creating and being present for the process. My life consists of love, music, helping others in need (ranging from art to life), and spreading The Sweet Kill’s message in videos and live performances.

Do you have any upcoming shows or festivals you’d like to tell us about?

I’m in the process of moving Shadow Zone Sound and building a new creative of my dreams.

I’ve been writing new material for the next album, so shows have been on the back burner.

The first and last show of 2022 will be our vinyl and cd release at Bar Sinister on November 26, 2022. As far as 2023 is concerned, we are discussing playing the WGT (Wave-Gotik-Treffen) festival in Leipzig, Germany. Young & Cold Records is helping me with this festival which is amazing as they signed me this year. Young & Cold has the most post-punk, darkwave, and Gothic bands I’ve ever seen on one label.

Currently, The Sweet Kill is in the top ten of sales for 2022, and the vinyl and CDs for my album Darkness are available for purchase on my Bandcamp.

What’s your goal for 2022?

Finish building Shadow Zone Sound!

Finish writing the next album!

Have the best record release show at Bar Sinister!

Love hard with all my heart!

Be better than the man I was yesterday!

Treat everyone equally!

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