Olenka shares her newest single, “Happy Birthday”

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Olenka relives sweet revenge and a scorned love in her newest single, “Happy Birthday”

Sometimes it’s worth being the bigger person – although it can be very cathartic to get the last jab in at the end of an unhealthy relationship, not so much out of spite, more so for closure. Olenka captures the feeling of sweet revenge in her newest single, “Happy Birthday.”

Relationships can be great – when they go right. However, the problem with there being “so many fish in the sea” is that sometimes you catch one you must throw back. Often, we blame ourselves for making the poor choice, regardless of circumstances or what some would call destiny. There comes a point where, regardless of fate, we must take things into our own hands – and that’s what makes Olenka’s story of love gone wrong so powerful.

“Happy Birthday” recounts a web of lies that a lover has woven to hide a mistress while still being present in their partner’s life. Olenka’s newest single starts with a retelling of finding something you didn’t want to find but deep down suspected might be true.

“I’m all alone / You left your phone / Can’t help but see it / Need to stop but I can’t quit
First hit the gram / What’s with me (damn) / Feels wrong but I have to / This ain’t what I’m used to”

While there may be a stigma around “snooping,” it is important to act as your own advocate in a situation that you feel isn’t being addressed properly by a smooth-talking lover. As our protagonist finds themselves placed in a situation where their partner is not being faithful, she takes things into her own hands – in a satisfyingly subtle way.

“Left him on his birthday / God I chose the worst way / To hurt his sorry – / You know the time will pass
Have a happy birthday / Though I chose the worst day / You know Our time was due / This ain’t nothing new.”

Olenka, always the ally, makes it well known that it’s not always necessarily the mistresses’ fault when it comes to infidelity. She reflects on this sentiment, saying:

“Many women find themselves blaming the mistress, rather than the one who did the cheating. You’re not a man if you can’t hold yourself down & control yourself when temptation arises.”

Watch the video for “Happy Birthday” below, and learn more about Olenka via our mini-interview.

Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Olenka. I’m a musical artist born and raised out of London, ON, but moved to Toronto to pursue my raging passion for music. I went to school for music production (Music Industry Arts) at Fanshawe College and fell in love with sound engineering. This pushed me to start experimenting with different sounds and exploring different forms of art. I love making pop, I love serving my listeners, but I also love speaking from experience, soul, and having fun. I can be fun but a little crazy at times and that’s what makes me an artist.

What’s it like being a musician in Toronto?

It’s such an honor to be Canadian and live in such a big, beautiful city. The diversity pushes me to be more creative. There are so many things to explore and such beautiful people to connect with. It’s the perfect place to drive me into insanity but also bring me the most peace. Yes, like every city, there is danger, but it’s also such a safe space for creatives when you find yourself around the right people/energy. This city has allowed me to further explore my creativity and bring it into my music.

Tell us about the best birthday you’ve ever had.

The best birthday I’ve ever had was this past birthday, July 17/22. I have finally found my people and am so grateful to have the support system I’m with today. I have never felt so much love. I created an itinerary for the whole day and can’t remember feeling so happy and free, nothing like my COVID birthdays. My ex ruined my past birthday, bringing me to this song, ruining his.

Who was the first artist to knock you sideways?

Avril Lavigne was the first artist to light a fire under my ass. She had the perfect mix between rock, pop, and not giving a f*ck. She fed my little 13-year-old soul and inspired me time after time. I love rock music, but I love being a part of the wave of the crowd at times. Avril has and always will serve that perfect balance.

What’s the one album by a Canadian artist that everyone should have in their collection?

Masterpiece Theatre by Marianas Trench may be a throwback but stays iconic. Again, they have so much variety within their music, and this album embodies every emotion that feels right and wrong. This album keeps the listeners at the edge of their seats, wanting more, feeling up, down, confused, angry, and at peace. Definitely an album worth listening to.

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