Maddisun – Home Is Where The Music Is (Album Review: Song by Song)


Artist: Maddisun
Album: Home Is Where The Music Is
Release Date: August 26, 2022
Genre: Singer-Songwriter / Indie-Pop

Rising Canadian singer-songwriter Maddisun has unveiled her sophomore album, Home Is Where The Music Is.

A ten-track record written entirely by the artist and produced by the Los Angeles-based PSY Sound team of Nick Noto and Chloe Chaidez, Home Is Where The Music Is stays true to Maddisun’s organic singer-songwriter roots but adds touches of Americana, indie pop, along with classic, vintage, and country rock to match her eclectic musical influences and artistic range.

Maddisun says,

“The thematic heart of this album is being at home in your mind and body. For me, the concept of “home” has become fuzzy as I’ve traveled outside and grown inside. When I lean into my music and connect to my art, I’m truly at home, no matter where in the world I am. This record reflects the moments, emotions, resilience, and awakenings in my journey.”

The album starts with the 1-minute intro, “Home.” A beautifully simple, short-lived introduction to Maddisun, leaving you wanting more.

“Running” immediately caught my attention. The beat flows smoothly throughout, and Maddisun’s vocals are captivating and powerful. The chorus, “We can reach it if we want it, but we don’t got the time, climbing mountains just for water and wine, you led me to the river, it washed out my mind, now you don’t remember me, and I guess that’s your demise,” had me singing along in no time.

Next up, “Don’t Say No” starts with an indie-pop sound, different from the previous track, showing that Maddisun is not a one-trick pony. The vocal stylings throughout the song are flawlessly executed, and the anthemic lyrics will resonate with many listeners.

“Fading” shows yet another side of Maddisun, with a strong country feel. This track tugs at the emotions, singing about relationships not working out because you’re not receiving the love you need in return. The message I found was that you must love yourself because you’re the one you’ll always have, no matter what.

At the halfway point, “Big Wave” comes in, returning to the indie-pop side of Maddisun’s talent. This is the type of song you can’t help but sing along with. Upbeat and melodic throughout, the lyrics “This world is changing, And I’m finding that I’m kinda lost, But everyone looks the same, And everybody plays the game, Gotta get my kicks and get me out of this town, And finally be on my way…” speaks to the masses. At one time or another, everyone has wished for that kind of freedom, just to get up and go, no responsibilities, no worries, just have fun and live life.

“Too Long” is nothing short of amazing. Elegant, soft vocals on top of lilting backing music. The piano-driven track puts a spotlight on Maddisun’s vocals and showcases complex and insightful lyrics. The chorus says, “But you can’t keep me in this place too long, I’m gonna fight a battle after all, And maybe that’s too big for you, But you never believed in me anyway,” and wow, does it deliver a punch.

As the album continues, “On The Outside” shines bright. The vocals and music compliment each other marvelously. An upbeat look at running into a past partner. It’s a nice change for a song about looking back to be so bubbly and lighthearted. As I listened, my body swayed along with the beat.

“True Me” is a self-love-focused track that is so catchy that I couldn’t stop listening. After well past five listens, I decided it was time to review it. Maddisun sings about stepping outside of what you know and finding your strength while also knowing that “it’s okay to not be okay.” If I had to choose a favourite from the album, this would be the one, as it truly resonates with me on a deep level.

“Right” has a country feel, with strong yet silky vocals. The standout lyrics for me are, “You test me, and my limits, But I know I’m gonna win it, Cause I’ve got this feeling on my side,” and  “It takes me to places, I feel like I’ve been dreaming, cause I know that I can do anything.”  This is yet another track that I believe many listeners will connect with.

Closing out Home Is Where The Music Is, we have “Glory Day (Over and Over).” Maddisun ends a phenomenal album with a beautifully written and executed inspirational track. The vocals are superb, the perfect mix of strength and vulnerability.

All in all, Maddisun shows that she has it all, and there is nothing stopping her. There’s nowhere to go but up, and I can’t wait to see what’s next for this rising Canadian artist.

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