Francois Klark – Adventure Book (Album Review)

Francois Klark

Artist: Francois Klark
Album: Adventure Book
Release Date: July 29, 2022
Genre: Pop

Adventure Book is the sophomore album from South-African Born, Toronto-based artist Francois Klark.

Written and produced while Francois traveled the world, Adventure Book is a story of a man who feels overwhelming love and couldn’t be happier to share it. The album is a fountain of positivity, whimsy, and sincerity. Most of the tracks are songs professing his intense love for his partner, friends, and family. However, even when Francois ventures into what may be a daunting existential thought to others in the track “Beautiful Universe” (that being the vastness of the universe), he counters with a gentle, upbeat medley and the hopeful chorus “We are all we got/just a dot of light in the ocean/of a vast and beautiful universe.” Lifting his joyous themes and lyrics, Francois’s voice is bright and clear, ringing like a bell through every track. He is further accompanied by a playful accompaniment of piano, organs, strings, drums, electronic samples, horns, and guitars that swell and simmer in a delicate balance with Francois vocals.

The standout tracks for me were “Bedtime Stories” & “Paper Planes.” “Bedtimes Stories” features a smokey brass section that gives the track a jazz club vibe, while Francois’s polished vocals give it an updated pop R&B feel. As per its title, the track has a leisurely, gradual beat designed to lull you to sleep as Francois tells you stories about dragons, kingdoms, and, most importantly, how much he loves you. Even if the song was not specifically written for the listener, the care and comfort taken in the track are perfect for helping you, or whoever you play this song for, get snuggled into bed.

“Paper Plans” is a similarly slow song. The song was written in Oaxaca, Mexico, and features strings and a decades-old Yamaha pump organ, and features the slight yet audible creaks of the instrument. Similar to Bedtime Stories, the track radiates sincerity and love that feels universal and all-encompassing. It’s a perfect track to play for your own loved ones so Francois can perfectly tell them how much you love them for you.

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