PREMIERE – Dust Cwaine – “Aliens in LA” (Single Review)

Dust Cwaine

Photo Credit: Mily Mumford

Dust Cwaine unveils new single, “Aliens in LA”

Vancouver, BC-based singer-songwriter and drag artist Dust Cwaine (aka David Cutting) has shared their 2nd single, “Aliens in LA,” from their upcoming debut album, Arcana, which is set for release on September 23, 2022.

Inspired by Pop Rock bands of the 80s like Mr. Mister and Go West, “Aliens in LA” brings a fresh synth sound that immediately transports you to a late-night drive through downtown LA. Producer Josh Eastman’s guitar screeches with catchy licks, while Dust’s vocals speak to an out-of-touch world resisting the beauty that is being different.

“This is my Fat Anthem,” says Dust. “I spend a lot of time thinking about fatness and how it is so out of rhythm with the rest of the world and how amazing that is; how much power that yields. This song carries that reflection. Lyrically this song came very easy, and Josh’s instrumentation is OUT OF THIS WORLD! The guitar is exuberant, rowdy, and in my opinion more catchy that the vocal melody. The alien metaphor is playful, and the synth is delicious! When we worked on this song, I said I wanted it to feel like you just hopped off a plane at LAX, the sun is setting and you are in a taxi flying down the freeway into downtown LA. Evoking feelings of Pretty Woman, Die Hard, and Clueless, but FATTER.”


As the track begins, I immediately noticed the ’80s influence. Dust’s vocals are conversational and captivating throughout.

When the lyrics chime in, they are easily relatable yet bizarre, such as “Switched our milky way for oat cream, coming from the cosmos with our hopes and dreams” and “Our intergalactic fat bodies are, Too Political for those botox hotties, yeah.” The lyrics relate to body type and also are an anthem for being you, the true you, even if you’re not accepted.

The chorus pushes the meaning even further and encourages being who you are, even if you don’t belong. “You and Me, Wanna Be, Aliens in LA, They’ll say that it’s wrong, But we don’t wanna belong, We know we are aliens in LA,” will speak to the masses, no matter who you are, there is a time or a place or even a scenario where you just don’t fit in. So open your mind, feel it deeply, and be honest with yourself. We are all aliens in LA or wherever you are.

Now, although this is a single review, I have to talk about the lyric video, which is absolutely mesmerizing, with Dust swaying and twirling in drag. At some points, palm trees are floating by, and at others, the background is the sky with stars twinkling.

All in all, “Aliens in LA” is an exhilarating experience and a breath of fresh air. Dust has captivated me, and I can’t wait to hear more!

Watch the video for “Aliens in LA” below, and stay up to date with Dust Cwaine via their socials.

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