Kim Thompson shares her new single, “Hey Cowboy”

Kim Thompson

Kim Thompson says “Hey Cowboy” in her new single

From Calgary, the country capital of Canada, indie cowgirl Kim Thompson is charging forward with her latest single – “Hey Cowboy”!

Her seventh single is a country anthem, sashaying like a request from the saloon jukebox. The song is uptempo and authentic, complete with Thompson’s swinging vocals wrapped like a lasso around the melody.

Now saddled up with her latest single, “Hey Cowboy,” is another win for Thompson and her commitment to pure country music. It’s a yarn-spinning, boot-stomping, railway rushing ditty that evokes nostalgia and compels you to want to sing along.

“”Hey Cowboy” is a song about the movies and production, written when I was working on set for the TV series, ‘Heartland’ with the horses and cowboy wranglers, riding and roping,” says Thompson, adding: “It speaks about simple cowboy spirit behind the scenes.  I always liked to talk to the cowboys and hear the stories about movie work. The fantasy of movies we have painted with the cowboys and cowgirls as heros and cool folk. The importance is to recognize the dream of living the cowfolk life in the movies and so many characters.”

Thompson’s music is complete with visual components – videos that bring to life the story she’s telling. In “Hey Cowboy,” the viewer is up close and personal with true-blue cowboys, wrangling calves, roping, and riding.

A co-write by Thompson and Chard Morrison, “Hey Cowboy” was produced by Chris Birkett in Ontario, Canada. It follows Thompson’s previous releases “Heartache Heartbreak,” “This Christmas,” “Thinkin’ Bout,” and “Game Of Love.”

“The songs are energetic love empowerment for all ages,” Thompson describes.

So, dust off the boots. Tip your hat. Find a worn pair of Levis and head out to the ranch with “Hey Cowboy.” Kim Thompson promises to wrangle your attention and your heart.

Listen to “Hey Cowboy” below, and find out more about Kim Thompson via our mini-interview.

Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

I was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. Spending time writing with co-writers making music and video art, riding, barrel racing, and working on tv and movies. I like to swim and visit lakes in the Summer. In the winter skiing the mountains or ice skating. I have written two books and working on a third. I would love to make films about books.

In 2023, I’d like to focus on traveling internationally. I gave some opportunities to play and travel in the USA. I host international radio with Georgia and Denver I’d love to meet my friends I’ve made out there and attend the ISSA awards.

What’s it like being a musician in Calgary?

It’s a tough business scene hard to get events as the same artist are usually playing in Alberta. It would be great to see more new female artists playing live. There are a few venues to play locally. May – July this year, I played at Ranchmans, Brickwell Taphouse, Gravity and Macleod Public House.

The stampede scene has the same performers yearly, and difficult to get on the list as a new artist. I played at Calgary Stampede when I rented the facility for the day to host one of two ever accomplished in the history of rentals for a barrel race and Music event to help artists and let barrel racers feel the ground and run their horses for open added money. I raised money for the charity Ronald MacDonald House and went to the hospital to donate funds and support the cause.

Usually, when I play, I hire players to support the event and support the Industry. I had a big corporate party event that was a fun outdoor big stage show. I will definitely love players more for the corporate parties. I appreciate I can be a part of the CCMA’s this year as a nominee and wrangler again. I really had to work hard in the community and be a part of volunteering for the CCMA again.

What got you into country music in the first place?

I am a self-taught songwriter and guitarist. It was a challenge to improve songs, and I love collaborating and sharing music. Realizing a gift of music is important to share, when I started to sing, people wanted more songs. My rodeo mentor is a senior roper Bearman who always asked me to bring my guitar and play at events going on. He paid for my first demo and encouraged me always to play and write.

Who was the first artist to knock you sideways?

I love Shania Twain’s pop and country Red Green album. The contrast of mixing is original and new.

What’s the one album by a Canadian artist that everyone should have in their collection?

Hard to choose one. I have Dolly Parton albums as her stories and many works in movies, tv, and music soundtracks are inspirational.

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