Duga Radar – “Decembered” (Single Review)


Duga Radar shares their new single, “Decembered”

Following up their recent release “Feel Your Heartbeat,” Ottawa-based two-piece Duga Radar is made up of multi-instrumentalist Chris Thibedeau and drummer Brennan Pilkingtonis. The duo is back with a new catchy tune called “Decembered,” named from a play on the words December and Dismembered.

Guitarist/vocalist Chris Thibedeau wrote the track while staying in his friend’s isolated forest cabin for two weeks during the chilly month of December. With only the fireplace to keep him warm, he began writing a song about returning to your roots.

“When we were young, many of us had to leave small towns in Nova Scotia for the cities to find work. This song talks about returning to where we came from and finding the charm in what we had left,” he says. “Hopefully the song leaves the listener with the question of what equals civilization? Is it urban or rural; or a balance of both depending on the specific phase of your life?” 

“Decembered” is a contemplative song for a transitionary time for many people, learning to find a new balance in their life or deciding to completely switch it up.


“Decembered” comes in at 5 minutes and starts with a funky beat. Once vocalist Chris Thibedeau comes in with his fresh and smooth vocals, the funkiness remains.

As the song continues, the vocals become melodic, sounding almost as if it’s part of the beat.

With lyrics such as “Breaking out of prison now only five days and nights to wait, Wishing you could pick me up and take me far away,” and “Diminished is the light in phase taking winter from the fall,” all point towards a transition period. For me, one is the transition of getting out of the prison you are in, whether it be emotionally or spiritually, or getting out of your head, and the other is the transition of winter to fall when days shorten and time seems to go by without you noticing.

Once we reach the chorus, “And in this moment of December, I had to brace myself and fight the siren song, And make believe we live forever, So we have enough time to spend before it’s gone,” I feel once again that the song is about the time that gets away while we are living in our head, or not living it to our fullest. For me, It’s a plea to find your balance before it’s too late.

All in all, whether you perceive the track in the same way as me or in a completely different way, it will have you searching your heart and soul for the answers, Are you finding the balance in your life? Are you making the most of the time you have?

Listen to”Decembered” below, and stay up to date with Duga Radar via their socials.

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