Zach’s Picks of the Week – August 22, 2022 to August 27, 2022


Look who’s back. It’s your friendly Internet-based music guy! I am back from my vacation, and I had so much fun, as you can see in this week’s video. Now it’s time to get back into all the fantastic music I missed over these last few weeks. Welcome back to the critic’s favourite music show, Zach’s Picks Of The Week! Where I bring you five of my most preferred articles featured on our website. Coming from all different genres and walks of life, you will find only the best Canadian music here. So buckle up and get ready to explore the wonders that are this website, Canadian Beats. However, I will feature clips from each artist in the video just below this post. Please head over to the rest of our website and explore the many incredible posts done by our independent authors.


Let’s start this list with a Stirling, Ontario-based country artist, Dustin Bird. Bring a unique style of modern country sound. He continues to push the boundaries further with his powerful new single, “Hating On Love.” It’s available on all music sites, thanks to Open Road Recordings. This single completes the trilogy story that Dustin has been sharing with his previous releases. In this powerful final chapter, “Hating On Love” celebrates the courage of loving whoever you love, despite the judgment or hatred you may face. You can enjoy this new single in the article featured here


Coming up, we have the latest from Toronto R&B/Hip-Hop/Pop artist BabyRay. She drops her summertime single, “Take You Away,” to all streaming platforms, and the video is out now. She turned up the heat with her highly anticipated new single. BabyRay has been making and promoting her own music. Now she is stepping up to take her place in the Canadian music industry. She believes she was born to be making music and has something to say to the world. Bring her strong lyrics and passion that is unmeasurable to life. You can check out our recent five questions with BabyRay on our website, where we also feature her new single, “Take You Away .”The link to that article is right down here


Moving into my top three picks of the week, we introduce you to Hamilton-based hip-hop duo The Hi-Cats. They have returned with a live re-release of their single “Different World,” which features guest vocals from Jon Harvey of Monster Truck. This single focuses on the effects of the pandemic. Such as the lockdowns, being laid off, and the financial strain many have faced. They explore this landscape of uncertainty in this dynamic track, “Different World.” You check out the official music video and the new live performance in this article right here


In second place for Zach’s Picks will be west coast songwriter, producer, and DJ, Kelland. He was gearing up for his performance at this year’s Monstercat Compound, Free Block Party, which took place on August 20th. We had a mini interview with Kelland ahead of his set and talked about his upcoming EP. He will release his new EP in September. Throughout his career, Kelland amassed over 4 million streams on previous projects. He has spent the last years developing a new yet unique sound while secretly producing for multiple artists across genres. Learn more about this fantastic songwriter in our interview here


My final choice for this edition of Zach’s Picks Of The Week is the incredible Toronto-based Rock duo Queens & Kings. We have featured them plenty of times on our website, and now they’re back with a new single, “Testify,” and a new video to accompany it. It’s out now and available on your favourite streaming platforms, so check it out. This single is about finding your true purpose and pursuing it with conviction. “Testify” is the fourth single to be released from their upcoming album, which is due for release later this year. Keep an eye out for future releases because they have some big things coming. However, you can check out “Testify” here

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed these five recommendations I’ve picked for you this week. It’s been a few weeks, so I know I might not be able to choose the best ones, but you’re more than welcome to visit our website for more. We will be back next Monday with a brand new batch of new music. So I hope you will tune in again on Monday and tell your friends about the show. I’d greatly appreciate it. Please check out my weekly picks through the links above and follow all the artists! I’m your host, Zach Coopz, once again bringing you my week’s favorites. Spread some love out there, see you in the next one, and PEACE, LOVE, AND GOOD MUSIC, EVERYONE!!

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