Harley Olivia – “No More Tears” (Single Review)

Harley Olivia

Harley Olivia shares her new sound on the debut single, “No More Tears”

Toronto, ON-based singer-songwriter Harley Olivia has unveiled her debut single, “No More Tears.” The single is from her upcoming EP, Hiding Little Pieces, due out in October 2022.

Starting out in the music scene as the frontwoman for circus punk and heavy metal bands, she’s known for wild antics and high energy.

Harley has shifted her focus onto shaping her own original sound – one that combines strong, soulful vocals, infectious melodies, and her own signature style. “No More Tears” is a painfully familiar tale of head vs. heart.

The song was co-written by Harley Olivia and JUNO-Award Winning producer Siegfried Meier, who also produced and played on the record.


I absolutely love when I hear an artist for the first time, not knowing what to expect or how I’ll feel about the release. Starting with a clean slate and building upon that is an incredible experience.

As “No More Tears” begins and Harley’s powerful and deep vocals jump in, I no longer had to wonder if I’d enjoy the song.

The alt-pop song starts off with the lyrics, “I hate it when you tell me I’m strong, Cause I’ve been dealing with your shit for too long, You’re just a villain with a shiny veneer, But I want you dear,” which caught my interest immediately. As the song continued, the lyrics intrigued me even more.

Once the chorus began, the beat picked up, and Harley’s vocals mellowed somewhat and embodied a melodic tone. Lyrics, “But I stumble the moment you touch me, I stumble whenever you’re near, I know it will eventually bite me, Get away Get away, No more tears,” speak a truth that many of us have felt at one time or another. Knowing something is not good for you and trying to stay away, but not always succeeding.

All in all, “No More Tears” has something for everyone. Dominant yet thoughtful vocals, lyrics that many will identify with, and a beat that has your body moving are a few of the standouts on the track.

Stay tuned for two more singles coming soon from Harley Olivia, plus her debut EP, Hiding Little Pieces, in October.

Listen to “No More Tears” below, and stay up to date with Harley Olivia via her socials.

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