Dustin Bird releases the anthemic new single, “Hating On Love”

dustin bird

Dustin Bird calls for equality in his new single, “Hating On Love”

With his unique style of modern country, rising artist, producer, and songwriter Dustin Bird pushes the boundaries even further with the release of his powerful new single “Hating On Love” via Open Road Recordings.

An anthem of equality and acceptance, the new single is one you have to check out.

“Hating On Love” completes the trilogy story that Dustin has been unveiling with his recent releases. In his 2021 single “Get Go,” Dustin proclaims his love for an elusive partner he has yet to meet. In “Cowboy Stay,” the lovers have united with a bond so strong that even a wild cowboy will hang up his hat and settle down. In a powerful final chapter, “Hating On Love” celebrates the courage of loving whoever you love, despite the judgement or hatred you may face.

“Hating on Love is my response to hearing the personal stories of some truly amazing people I’ve met,” Dustin shares. “It speaks to the need we still have as a society to be fully inclusive. I don’t have the lived experience of facing rejection, discrimination, or even hate, over who I love. But sadly, that is still not the case for so many of our LGBTQ+ community. I wrote this song to address my generation, our wonderful country music fan base, and me personally, to step up and in unity challenge us all to stop Hating on Love.

Listen to “Hating on Love” below, and stay up to date with Dustin Bird via his socials.

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