Akylla – Countdown to Monstercat Compound


Akylla to perform at Monstercat Compound 2022

Sherry St. Germain (aka Akylla) is a classically trained multi-instrumentalist, veteran producer, and prodigy singer/songwriter.

Her project Akylla was started initially with her friend Sara who dj’ayed alongside her, but due to living in different countries, they parted ways in September of 2019.

Sherry, being the heart and soul of Akylla producer/singer/writer, has since Rebranded Akylla with soul, a live drummer, and a live DJ… in 2020

Check out her single, “Someday” below, and find out more about Akylla via our mini-interview.

First off, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Well, first off, I just want to express my gratitude. I love working with Westwood Recordings and Monstercat. Nothing but good vibes and great labels to work with.

I’ve been on a mission to bring awareness to playing music in healing frequencies since that’s how I recovered from a brain injury in 2014. It’s been such a joy to have people come up after a show and say they could feel the healing effects of the music. I love collaborating with my friends and new people all the time. It’s how you grow as an artist constantly.

I love ALL styles and have collaborated with a few of my fans on production, art, and writing as well. There are so many hidden talented people out there. You never know what could creatively be born.

Akylla has always been a channel for me to turn my dark emotions into light ones and alchemize the pain I was going through into the music to help others heal if they had the same experience. One particular incident sticks out when I wrote a song about my dog that had passed away suddenly. You definitely couldn’t tell from the lyrics that it was about my dog, but to my surprise, multiple people hit me up after it was released, saying that their dog had just passed away and this was the only song that was bringing them healing. I couldn’t believe it…..That they were picking up on these emotions deep within my soul, trying to heal. They were completely tapped in without any mention of the real story behind the lyrics. That’s when I realized the power of our thoughts.

And, to this day, I try to turn anything negative in my life into a piece of art to bring joy or healing to someone who just might need it. I’ve been so lucky to work with all the people I have. I’ve learned so much. Even in the things we think are bad, there’s so much to learn from everything in every situation. I feel like it all works towards our highest growth.

Monstercat Compound takes place on August 20, and you’ll be taking part in the incredible event. How does it feel to be on the lineup this year? Have you been before?

It feels absolutely amazing and a dream come true…so honored! I love Vancouver. It’s actually a place I’ve always been magnetized to, as I worked out of Greenhouse studios in East Hastings for many years. That’s where I met and started working with my dear friends Dirty Radio, Coka Cobra, and (Ryan Dahle) from Limb lifter. They were my BC super squad when I lived there.

Of the artists across both stages on the Compound lineup, who are you most excited to check out?

RUMPUS! I love how he incorporates his many different drum pieces into his performances. Just amazing.

Explain what your performance will be like in 10 words or less.

I invite you ALL to come and see for yourself.

Last but not least, what do you have planned for the remainder of 2022?

Well, I actually have some new projects coming out that I am very excited about. Too soon to share, but I’ve never been this excited about a music venture before in my life. So stay tuned!

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