PREMIERE – Justine Blanchet shares new single, “Hard To Love” (Single Review)

Justine Blanchet

Justine Blanchet finds that emotionally unavailable suitors are “Hard To Love”

Canadian country artist Justine Blanchet is thrilled to release her newest single, “Hard to Love,” on all digital platforms and Canadian radio on August 19.

We’ve teamed up with Justine to give Canadian Beats readers get an exclusive first listen!

“Hard to Love” is the first collaboration between Blanchet and hitmaking Nashville producer Danick Dupelle (Emerson Drive, Tebey, Tyler Joe Miller, Matt Lang). Written by a trio of first-rate country songwriters – Courtney Cole, Derrick Southerland, and Kelly Archer, “Hard to Love” offers an inviting country flavour with flourishes of modern pop in its honest examination of love that feels just out of reach.

Blanchet says,

“This song is about wanting to love someone but because of their emotional unavailability, they don’t realize what’s in front of them. While I didn’t write this song, that feeling of falling for someone – who in turn makes it so difficult to truly love them – resonated with me.”

As Blanchet divides her time between Canada and Nashville, “Hard to Love” is both her first song to be produced in Music City and the first release from her debut EP, which arrives in 2023. Between now and then, she wants audiences to not be too hard on themselves when they encounter someone who is hard to love.

She says,

“I want listeners to remember that no matter how much you love someone, you cannot make them love you back. But that’s okay. You shouldn’t have to. It’s better to know your worth and find someone who recognizes that. Your patience will be rewarded with love that is honest and more fulfilling.”

Justine Blanchet will support “Hard to Love” with an official music video release, a September 11th show in Calgary during Canadian Country Music Week, and a September 16th performance at The Festival Western in Saint-Tite, Quebec. From there, she will return to Nashville to complete the remaining songs for her EP.


“Hard To Love” immediately starts off with a classic country tune, and before long, the music is joined by Justine Blanchet’s stellar vocals.

As soon as the lyrics started, I knew this was going to be a song I’d enjoy. The lyrics tell a story of a person wanting to love someone, but the recipient makes it so hard to love them. It’s a track that I am sure many listeners will resonate with.

Justine’s vocals throughout the track are powerful and firm but, at times, somewhat playful. During the chorus, “You could be the one who, I give my love to, if you ain’t messing with my head, why you gotta make it so hard to love you?” I could feel the emotion she evoked. Although she states she did not write the track, it resonated with her, and you can tell.

All in all, this is a mix of modern and classic country, with some pop vibes thrown in, and will appeal to fans of many genres, as the message relays a common issue in one-sided relationships.

Listen to “Hard To Love” below, and stay up to date with Justine Blanchet via her socials.

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